System Features

The most relevant features that power the SofTaxic Optic system can be summarized as follows:

Individualized probabilistic head model computation

The SofTaxic system is unique in generating an individualized probabilistic head model, that can be use to guide the coil positioning in absence of individual MRI data. This individualized head model preserves the anatomical scalp-brain correlates of a mean MR template, providing an accurate set of estimated MRI data, specific for the subject under examination

Fast, automatic, reproducible and guided procedures

Individual or estimated MRI data is processed by means of a fast and step-guided procedure, in order to generate all structural information of interest for a TMS neuronavigation session:

  • MR craniometric marker locations
  • 3D MR-constructed scalp and brain models
  • Talairach space matrix
  • TMS Induced electric field matrix
High spatial accuracy in the localization of the target

A best-fit algorithm can be apply in order to refine the registration transformation used to map the coil data and the structural information

Up to 2 TMS coils
Integrated TMS-EEG study
Assisted coil repositioning
MEPs data
Target Export for IOM localization
Electrodes Placements / registration


For further information you can visit the Specifications.